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Ending street harassment: the Safe Cities for Women campaign

Every day, women and girls around the world face street harassment and violence in their own cities. Street harassment is one of the most pervasive forms of violence against women, holding them back from working, from socialising, from learning, and from living with freedom and dignity.

For the poorest and most marginalised women, it’s even worse – bad lighting in their communities, exploitative working conditions and insufficient policing all make violence more likely.

Violence against women happens all over the world because of deeply unequal gender roles. It spans continents, and affects a shocking number of women and girls. This is not acceptable. No woman or girl, no matter where she lives, should have to feel afraid on the streets of her own city.

ActionAid’s Safe Cities for Women Campaign

ActionAid demands safe cities for women. We campaign in 20 countries to make governments, businesses and individuals take action, and to end the sexist attitudes behind the culture of violence against women.

In the face of constant attacks on our fundamental rights, women everywhere are fighting for the right to be safe in our cities. And we’re winning. Read on to see how women in Brazil, Vietnam and Liberia have made their cities safer.

Street harassment statistics

15 seconds

how often a woman is assaulted in a public space in Sao Paolo


of women in New Delhi have experienced violence in public

2 in 5

women polled across Brazil, the UK, India and Thailand have experienced harassment before the age of 18

Stop street harassment and violence against women: become an ActionAid campaigner

We campaign across the world to make cities safer for women, and to tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality. We pick the issues that we know will make a difference for the world’s poorest people, and we don’t give up.

We couldn’t do this without our global network of campaigners putting pressure on governments, building solidarity, and helping us call out the people in power.

You can be part of this – sign up as a campaigner now to get started.


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