Sisters take on the Thames Path Challenge

Thames Path Challenge

Escape the city on this beautiful riverside route: the Thames Path Challenge.

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"Nearly all the girls I know now go to school", says 11-year-old Maua, from Tanzania.

Education makes a huge difference to girls' lives. Every extra year spent at school helps girls to develop the knowledge and skills they need for a safe and happy future. 

ActionAid works with communities in Tanzania to break down negative attitudes towards girls' education, and tackle barriers to education including the lack of female teachers and girls' toilets in schools. 

Maua says, "I know now that going to school is my basic right. It is not right for me to get married when I am too young. I want to finish school and then go on to college so I can start teaching others."

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Maua talks about the importance of girls education

Kate Holt/ActionAid

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Top image: ActionAid supporters take on the Thames Path Challenge / ActionAid.

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