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ActionAid's Lottery

The ActionAid Lottery is not about luck. It’s about making a genuine difference to people’s lives every time you play.

£1 a week will change lives

That’s what makes the ActionAid lottery unique. It’s important that you know where your money goes. In 2017, 73p of every £1* you spent playing the ActionAid lottery went to fighting poverty. The rest went into our prize fund, which gave five lucky winners up to £2,000 every week, or into the cost of running the lottery and attracting more players. That’s better odds than the National Lottery for you and a much better chance in life for people like Emelyne.

*73% of the money you spent.

Meet Emelyne Bukeyeneza, age 11

Emelyne knows all about hardship. Born in a camp during Burundi’s civil war, she faced extreme poverty from a young age.

Emelyne was hungry most of the time – and school was out of the question:

“We couldn’t sleep as the roof leaked everywhere. My mother could not afford basic things like soap to wash our clothes.”

It all changed when Emelyne’s mother helped form a widows’ group. With ActionAid’s support the group began growing crops and raising chickens together.

Now, instead of struggling to survive, Emelyne receives education which means that she can look forward to a future without poverty:

“The money helps my mother to buy food. She can now send me  to school and I am able to take books and pencils and wear the uniform.”

Every time you play the ActionAid Lottery, you’re transforming the life of a child like Emelyne.

Every Thursday. Everyone wins.

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If you feel you have a problem with gambling or you know someone who does, visit Gamcare.


Page updated 3 April 2018