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  • With frequent power cuts, Amnah finds it difficult to study at night and is at risk of falling behind at school.

    No girl afraid this Christmas

    Posted in Blog 3 years 3 months ago

    Growing up as a girl in Gaza is terrifying. Many are traumatised and missing out on education because of the ongoing conflict and a worsening electricity crisis. The dark streets are too dangerous to get to school in early mornings and there’s not enough light to do homework by in the evenings. As we launch our Christmas appeal to make sure no girl grows up afraid, read our interview with some brave girls in Gaza to see how you can bring hope for the future to girls at risk in the world's toughest places. Read more

  • Nada (left) and her brothers and sisters are typical of many children in Gaza, growing up in the shadow of conflict

    A day in the life of a child in Gaza right now

    Posted in Blog 4 years 4 months ago

    Children growing up in Gaza have witnessed more conflict than many of us will see in a lifetime. Eleven-year-old Nada has already lived through three wars in her short life, and faces the realities of the nine-year Israeli blockade every day. It affects her education, the food she has to eat, and her hopes for the future. Here she tells us about a typical day and how ActionAid is helping her cope with some of the trauma she's been through. Read more