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Refugee crisis

Syrian mother and daughter Fatima and Maisa stand on the shores of Lesvos next to the remains of a boat.

"Europe, please don't let us down."

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Over the past year, the escalating conflict in Syria and the European refugee crisis has brought the plight of refugees to the world’s attention. As thousands of refugees continue to flee war zones and persecution in search of safety in Europe, and the EU debates how to deal with the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, it's the voices of refugees themselves that have been absent. So for World Refugee Day we want their voices to be heard.

5 years on from the start of the war in Syria, 5-year-old Rasal has known nothing but bombs, fighting and fear.

Syria 5 years on: time for action not words

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Tuesday 15th March marks five years since the start of the conflict in Syria, a grim anniversary of the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War and the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. In the last five years, half of Syria’s pre-war population — more than 11 million people — have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Rasal is one of them. She was born into the crisis. At five years old, the only world she's ever known is war.

Siba and her six-year-old sister Meral in ActionAid women's centre in Kara Tepe refugee camp.

"My name is Siba. I am 19 years old and I want to be a doctor. I fled from southern Syria after life became too dangerous for us. The turning point came when a bomb went off and my father was injured in the face and hands. 

Volunteers rushing to help the first boat of the day land safely as it approached the rocky shore on Lesvos.

The moment the refugee crisis became real to me

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Standing on the sandy shores of a Greek island just as the sun is colouring the horizon pink, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking you’re in paradise. Until you see the boat coming in. Then the extent of the tragedy that is the refugee crisis really begins to sink in.

Melanie C as a girl with her mum and her brother at Christmas.

Singer, songwriter, actress and former Spice Girl Melanie C has had an amazing career spanning two decades. With the Spice Girls she toured the world and sold over 100 million records, and as a solo artist, a further 12 million. Melanie spoke to us exclusively about Christmas and her hopes for 2016.

Swimming superstar Ellie Simmonds OBE tells us about what she’s looking forward to most this Christmas.

Four-time Paralympic swimming champion Ellie Simmonds OBE currently holds an impressive ten world records. She won her first Paralympic medal aged just 13 and received an MBE at 14! We think she's pretty awesome and a fantastic role model for children the world over. We're thrilled that she's supporting our Christmas appeal to help protect vulnerable homeless children around the world.