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  • Rohingya refugees. Photo: ActionAid

    Rohingya refugee crisis 2017-21

    Posted 15 September 2017

    Find out who the Rohingya refugees are, what the Rohingya refugee crisis is about, and what is happening in Myanmar 's Rakhine State and refugee camps in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar.

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  • Poe Nay Min, Kali Say and Nay Blute Moo at their school in Myanmar, where ActionAid has supported the building of sanitation. Photo: Natasha Mulder/ActionAid

    Myanmar (Burma)

    Posted 8 December 2015

    ActionAid has been working in Myanmar (Burma), since 2001. Learn more about Myanmar, the issues the country faces and what ActionAid is doing to support women and girls, including communities affected by Covid-19.

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  • Hugh Dennis visits Myanmar to meet the girl he sponsors

    Posted in Blog on 11 December 2014

    As a long-term supporter of ActionAid, British actor and comedian Hugh Dennis recently visited the five-year-old girl he sponsors in Myanmar. Having been ruled by a repressive military regime for over 50 years, Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the least developed countries in the world. Its people are extremely poor: one in four people live below the poverty line and only 50% of children finish primary school.

    But now that the country has opened its borders, there's hope. Since 2012 we've been one of the few charities helping children through sponsorship in Myanmar. Here, Hugh Dennis shares his experience of meeting the little girl he sponsors and witnessing how his money is helping transform the future of her entire community.

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