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If multinational companies paid a fair share of tax, children in developing countries could access a decent education.

Why tax dodging matters to me and my generation

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Whether you're young or old, African or European, tax dodging by multinational companies affects us all in many ways. I'm 26 years old and pay my tax, so it angers me when I hear reports of companies like Amazon and Starbucks not paying their fair share. The more I've learnt about tax dodging in the UK, the more I wanted to find out what damage was being done in developing countries. The IMF estimates that they lose around $200billion a year to tax avoidance. To find out more, I asked Oyin and Fraser, two ActionAid campaigners from Nigeria and Malawi about their experiences. 

Elohor Siakiere, pictured, lost her baby in childbirth due to underfunded health services. Meanwhile, big business has been given big tax breaks in her region.

A new ActionAid report reveals that the Nigerian people lost out on a whopping US$3.3 billion after some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies were given a ‘holiday’ from paying tax. Here’s what this means for the people of Nigeria, and why women and girls are the hardest hit. 



Posted 4 years 2 months ago

ActionAid began work in Nigeria in 2000. We support women and girls, street children, people with disabilities, and landless groups, and empower them to claim their rights to basic services such as health care, clean water and education.

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Shaku, 16, is the brother of a schoolgirl abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria

How Boko Haram is devastating lives in Nigeria

Posted in Blog 4 years 10 months ago

This Saturday, it will be ten months since 14 April 2014 – the day the Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram in north-east Nigeria. As the Jihadist group expands its campaign of terror, we take a look at the devastating effect this is having on Nigerian people, especially its children.

Rhoda, from the Chibok community, Nigeria

How do you tackle those hard to teach subjects? Do you shy away from debate, or do you dive straight in? Whatever your approach, and whatever your style of teaching, we can support you. Our latest resources will enable you to explore some sensitive issues surrounding the abduction of over 300 school girls from the Chibok region of north east Nigeria.

ActionAid speaks to relatives of the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls as they spend 100th day in captivity

Today marks 100 days since 276 girls were seized from their boarding school in Chibok in Borno state in the north-east of Nigeria.