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  • If multinational companies paid a fair share of tax, children in developing countries could access a decent education.

    Why tax dodging matters to me and my generation

    Posted in Blog 4 years 6 months ago

    Whether you're young or old, African or European, tax dodging by multinational companies affects us all in many ways. I'm 26 years old and pay my tax, so it angers me when I hear reports of companies like Amazon and Starbucks not paying their fair share. The more I've learnt about tax dodging in the UK, the more I wanted to find out what damage was being done in developing countries. The IMF estimates that they lose around $200billion a year to tax avoidance. To find out more, I asked Oyin and Fraser, two ActionAid campaigners from Nigeria and Malawi about their experiences.  Read more

  • Nigeria


    Posted 5 years 5 months ago

    Find out more about Nigeria, the problems the country faces and how ActionAid is working with women to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus. Read more