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Girls rights

ActionAid activists at a climate march in London

Climate change is a feminist issue

Posted in Blog 1 month 3 weeks ago

From the climate strikes to the UN climate talks at COP25 in Madrid, we look back on 2019 - the year the world woke up to climate change. We argue that climate change is an intersectional, feminist issue.

This year, we're celebrating the big-hearted spirit of the UK

Do you live in the UK’s most generous town or city? This year, we’re celebrating the selfless spirit of the UK’s givers.

Adori uses a raft to cross flood waters in Bangladesh

5 ways climate change affects women and girls

Posted in Blog 2 months 3 weeks ago

We are shining the spotlight on some of the dangers that women and girls face when disasters strike. Hear directly from the women and girls who are bearing the brunt of crises around the world. 

ActionAid believes periods are a right and not a privilege. We celebrate periods by setting up girls' forums such as this one in Liberia where girls can freely discuss their sexual and reproductive rights.

In some countries around the world, families and whole communities celebrate a girl reaching puberty as a coming-of-age occasion.  Find out how periods are acknowledged and celebrated from the UK to Japan. 

Children play at an ActionAid-supported school in Thailand

Teachers are amazing! And now it’s the end of year, it’s about time we let them know just how much we appreciate them. So why not acknowledge all their hard work with a gift for your teacher that really makes a difference. 

Sanitary pads provided to school girls as part of an ActionAid project in Nyanza, Rwanda

Menstrual care isn’t a luxury - for most women, it’s something we simply can’t live without. Despite this, statistics show that millions of us are affected by period poverty. Here's why menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege.