16 days of Activism: How to get involved

25 November 2021

We are closer than ever to the UK Government approving a treaty to end violence and harassment at work. ActionAid Community Campaigners have come up with 16 actions we can take to do our bit – join us and get involved! 

Women in Ghana campaigning for ratification of ILO C190 in 2020.

Women in Ghana campaigning for ratification of ILO C190 in 2020. Photo: ActionAid

Over the last two years, ActionAid has worked closely with allies to get governments to ratify and implement International Labour Organisation Convention 190 (ILO C190) – the first international treaty to recognise the right of everyone to a world of work that is free from violence and harassment.  

We’ve worked with allies worldwide including CARE International, the Trades Union Congress internationally and in the UK, the Centenary Action Group and many others on this campaign.  

This November also marks 30 years of the annual 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence campaign. 

Today ActionAid invites you to join us during these 16 Days to end violence, including in the world of work. Throughout the campaign we’ll be sharing 16 different actions you can take, so make sure you follow us on Twitter for daily updates and keep checking back on this blog as it gets updated!  

Create for our zine

Can you submit a picture, slogan, poem or letter to the ActionAid UK’s Community Campaigners zine? This will be a self-published pamphlet – focused on subverting patriarchal ideologies through lived experiences.

Here's how to get involved:

  • On Friday, 3rd December we are asking you to draw a picture or decorative slogan in support of the International Labour Organisation Convention 190 (ILO C190), the first treaty to address violence and harassment at work.

  • On Saturday, 4th December we are asking you to write a short poem about what you’ve read, heard and learnt so far about ending gender-based violence in the world of work.

  • On Tuesday 7th December reflecting on efforts to end harassment at work, write a letter to your younger self before entering the world of work.

You may also want to draw on your own experiences if you have faced violence and harassment in the workplace. We appreciate that it can be triggering or difficult to share such experiences so please only include them in the creative pieces if you feel comfortable doing so. If you need any further support, we can signpost you to a number of organisations that will be able to support you.

Please email a copy or a picture of your work to campaign@actionaid.org by midnight on Thursday 9th December 2021.

Learn more about the issue

Gender-based violence is a fundamental human rights violation, affecting more than one in three women and girls in every society and every aspect of their lives. 
Violence should never be part of the job. But in the UK the Fawcett Society reports that 40% of women have experienced workplace harassment1 . For marginalised women, the percentage is even higher. This must change.   

As 16 Days of Activism begins, we invite you to check out the reading below. These resources can deepen your understanding of what gender-based violence is, its impact, why we need to urgently take action, and examples of how women across the world are taking a stand.  

Here are some useful resources to find out more about the issue.

Listen to inspiring women

Sign up to a free webinar from ActionAid and CARE International to listen to the inspiring women working to end violence in the workplace, from Ecuador to Ghana.   
The webinar will be held on Thursday, 2nd December at 3.00 pm 4.30 pm GMT. Register in advance for the webinar.
Watch out for further updates and inspiring real-life stories of women leading the way to end harassment and violence at work.

Take action

Keep checking this blog and our Twitter throughout the 16 Days of Activism from now until December 10. You will find further resources that will build your skills to campaign and spread the word among friends, family, colleagues, your unions, and local councils to eliminate violence and harassment in the workplace.   
Today we stand at a historic crossroads. We must keep the momentum going so that we do not squander this opportunity to make lasting changes that will improve the lives of women all over the world.  


  • 1https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=8eabc7f1-07c0-4d7e-9206-de431524301e