ActionAid supporter runs the London Marathon 2022

TCS London Marathon

Run the London Marathon for ActionAid.

How your sponsorship helps

Harriet, from Kampala, Uganda, received support from an ActionAid women's shelter after surviving years of domestic violence. This included training in how to make reusable sanitary pads.

With this training, Harriet started her own business and became a national trainer, teaching more than 22,000 girls across Uganda how to make their own reusable sanitary pads.

Many girls in Uganda don't have access to safe, hygeinic sanitary products which can cause them to miss multiple days of school which can have a negative impact on their future. 

Your fundraising can enable more women, just like Harriet, to make powerful changes within their communities.  

Run for ActionAid

Harriet, trains girls to make reusable sanitary products in Uganda

Karin Schermbrucker/ActionAid

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Top image: Sophie Maguire/ActionAid.

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