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Ayesha and her friends have been painting pictures for their sponsors at their playgroup in Bhakkar, Pakistan. "I did hand painting and it was fun. I feel joy when I do drawings for my sponsor," Ayesha told us

"I love writing messages to my sponsor."

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When you sponsor a child with ActionAid, you'll get two handwritten messages from them every year. Our staff collect these messages regularly from the children in their communities.​We make every message collection a special event for the children, and the whole community gets involved. For many children, it's the only opportunity they get to draw, paint, play and be creative.

Steven gets a rapturous welcome from the children in Lal Gberay village in Sierra Leone, where he's helped to fund a school

You might know Steven Caulker as a talented Premier League footballer who plays for Queen's Park Rangers, as well as for his appearance in the England national team. But he's also just returned from an emotional trip with ActionAid to Sierra Leone, his grandfather’s homeland. It's always been Steven's dream to go and visit this west African country. Here Steven shares his experiences about the people he met in Sierra Leone: from the Ebola survivor who lost eight members of her family to the disease, to the children who are hungry for an education at the primary school Steven helped to fund, and the fearless women who are working hard to provide a better future for themselves and the next generation.

Six-year-old Lucy lives in Kenya, which is one of the countries where we run child sponsorship

Sponsoring a child is a really fulfilling thing to do - for you, the child and their whole community. And because ActionAid does child sponsorship differently to other charities, people often have questions about our approach and what to expect. So we thought it was worth answering them here. If you're thinking of becoming a child sponsor, then read on!

Duncan meets Eliakim at his home in Kenya.

When Duncan Trotter started sponsoring Eliakim, a young boy in Kenya, he had no idea what a difference it would make to Eliakim's life - and to Duncan's own. Read about this extraordinary friendship, that survived across decades and continents, and has enriched the lives of two incredible people. 

Tambudzai enjoying watering her crops at her home in Zimbabwe. Tambudzai is one of many women who has benefitted from farming training sessions run by ActionAid.

As I write this, my country Zimbabwe is facing severe drought caused by El Niño. People’s crops and livestock have been devastated. And 2.5 million people are estimated to be in need of emergency food. But child sponsorship is making a difference. By teaching women here to cope with the effects of climate change, we're helping them continue to grow food, earn a living and support their children.

Because Naw Tar Lu Moo's mum is part of ActionAid's self-help group, she can now get to school safely.

In Myanmar, women usually bring in half the monthly wage of men, even for the same work, meaning they struggle to provide for their children. But when women come together to share and solve their problems, great things can happen. ActionAid has set up over 600 women's self-help groups in Myanmar, benefitting thousands of women - and their families.Mum of two, Naw Mway Rae Paw, is part of her local group in the rural communities of Pathein West, southern Mynanmar. Thanks to group training, she has not only inproved her income but can now send her 11-year-old daughter, Naw Tar Lu Moo, to school safely.