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Women from Kongelai communties have banded together to form the Kongelai Women's Network, a support group for women and girls, which campaigns for FGM awareness and provided help for girls escaping FGM.

It’s August - and it’s school holidays in Kenya. But for the 107 members of the Kongelai Women’s Network, it’s anything but a time to relax. The summer is known as the “cutting season”, so these women are on high alert for reports of girls being forced to have female genital mutilation (FGM) in their villages, and are ready to welcome those fleeing their homes in fear of the brutal procedure.  

Three teenage boys who attended ActionAid training and are now campaigning to end FGM in Somaliland.

There are 836 million people living in extreme poverty, most of them in developing countries. The figures are staggering. But the power to change that lies in the hands of young people, and the young people who work with ActionAid provide a really inspiring example. International Youth Day falls every year on 12th August, and this year’s theme is “eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable consumption and production”. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate just some of the amazing young people who work with ActionAid.

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Abigail's friend bled to death after having FGM in Kenya. Abigail ran away to an ActionAid safe house to avoid the same fate.

From this week, stark images of girls in Kenya will be cutting into adverts and video screens across the country. The images are part of a campaign we're launching with ActionAid Kenya to highlight how some girls' lives are being brutally cut short by FGM - whether through the immediate risks or the longer term impact.

Three brave teenage boys who attended ActionAid training and are now campaigning to end FGM in Somaliland.

Why men and boys are vital to ending FGM

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Last year, to mark Zero Tolerance to FGM Day, I wrote a blog - So, what's so bad about FGM? - as I realised that not enough people know the answer to that question. Because it's taboo to talk about it, people often don't know how damaging FGM is, but when they do, they can play a crucial role in campaigning against it, including men, as our new project in Somaliland goes to show.

Types of tools used in FGM practices in Africa.

"I can still hear the sound of the cutting"

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I was mutilated when I was six years old. It was the most painful thing I can imagine and has caused me on-going problems ever since. I don’t have a daughter of my own to protect, but I don’t want anyone’s daughter to ever have to have FGM and suffer the way I have, and countless generations of women before me. This is my story.

Margaret, who campaigns to end FGM in her community in Kenya.

Meet the FGM heroes: Margaret, Kenya

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Margaret, 54, is a proud grandmother who is also a campaigner against female genital mutilation (FGM). She has taken the decision not to cut her daughter and granddaughters - a step that puts her at odds with many other mothers in West Pokot, Kenya, where an estimated 75 per cent of girls endure FGM. She is a member of the ActionAid-funded Kongelai Women’s Network and has talked to cutters about the risks of performing FGM.