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  • Women are at the forefront of trying to alleviate hunger during the coronavirus crisis. Photo: ActionAid India

    Coronavirus: Millions facing hunger around the world

    Posted in Blog on 22 April 2020

    Vulnerable people in Africa, Asia and Latin America are facing a double emergency from hunger and Covid-19, as the pandemic is affecting food supply and shutting down livelihoods of millions who are already subsiding on very little. Find out how coronavirus is pushing people to hunger.

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  • In Zambia's Western Province, ActionAid is supporting the distribution of maize, beans and cooking oil. Photo: Fredrick Ntoka/ActionAid

    Southern Africa food crisis: the response in Zambia

    Posted in Blog on 28 February 2020

    ActionAid’s Gemma Bruley-Prince, returning from Zambia, describes the urgency of the Southern Africa food crisis, the response and the need for action now.

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  • Southern Africa food and climate crisis. Photo: ActionAid

    Southern Africa food crisis 2020: key facts

    Posted in Blog on 16 January 2020

    Southern Africa food crisis 2020: find out what's happening, where it's happening, and see the solutions to the escalating food insecurity crisis in Southern Africa.

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  • Sabita and other women leaders in southern Bangladesh have been trained to lead emergency responses. Photo: Turjoy Chowdhury/ActionAid

    Climate change and gender

    Posted 9 September 2019

    Find out the relationship between climate change and gender, and how women and girls are affected most acutely by climate change.

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  • Malyuun fears for her three-year-old daughter, Nimo. . Photo: ,Jennifer Huxta/Actionaid

    Hunger hurts: mothers struggle to feed their children

    Posted in Blog on 15 April 2016

    Climate change and the El Niño weather phenomenon mean that families already living on the margins of survival are struggling to grow or buy the food they desperately need. In Somaliland, drought is causing harvests to fail and turning fields to dust. In Bangladesh, flooding rivers and rising seas are swamping crops and robbing people of their livelihoods. We're working to support the most vulnerable - but we need your help.

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