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St.Nicholas’ School pupils discussed many issues around tax, including: ‘Should we use tax loopholes for our own benefit?’

Children tackle tax in class

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Tax can be complicated, but it’s important for every citizen to understand what it’s used for and how it works. This is why ActionAid UK and our partners SAPERE have developed Philosophy for Children (P4C) resources that encourage children to discuss tax and the issues which surround it. The children of Elm Class at St Nicholas’ School in Oxford invited us along to hear what they had to say on the subject.

Activists in Zambia speaking out against tax dodging

Those were Eddy Musosa’s exact words as he lobbied a UK prospective MP at Westminster on a cold February morning. "So", you ask yourself, "Why would an Activista Zambian youth brave the UK cold to support the Tax Dodging Bill campaign with ActionAid UK?" Read this blog by Eddy to find out.

The #MakeTaxFair team take the campaign to Westminster

Live blog: #MakeTaxFair Budget coverage

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This week sees George Osborne announce the next government Budget. But will it do enough to help tackle the tax dodging that's costing poor countries and the UK billions?Read on to find out what we think about today's Budget announcement, and to catch up with the action from yesterday's #MakeTaxFair stunt in Westminster.

ActionAid Zambia demonstration against KCM

Today, over 200 activists from ActionAid Zambia are staging a march to the offices of copper mining company KCM, owned by the UK-listed mining giant Vedanta, in protest over allegations of tax dodging by the company.

Tax pays for children in Zambia to be in school

After a 20-year silence, the political mainstream is talking about inequality again. What does it mean for our tax justice campaign in an election year?