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What will be the impact of the election on women and girls' rights around the world?

The Conservatives have some good policies in their manifesto, but these would be seriously undermined by merging DFID with another government department.

Our general election scorecard shows how the parties rank for the rights of women around the world

As voters prepare to go to the polls in the general election tomorrow, we are setting out where each party stands on global women’s rights. 

Sara Pantuliano (ODI), Elizabeth Babade (Brexit Party), Baroness Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Lord Ray Collins (Labour), Baroness Shas Sheehan (Liberal Democrat), Harini Iyengar (Women’s Equality Party), Girish Menon (ActionAid UK)

On Monday 18 November, ActionAid UK and the ODI hosted a 2019 general election hustings event where we heard what the different political parties would do to promote women’s rights and sustainable development.

Women in an emergency camp in Somaliland, where ActionAid is protecting rights. Photo: Karin Schermbrucker/ActionAid

We’ve launched a manifesto for the 2019 general election, calling on all political parties to set out how they will protect the rights of women and girls around the world, as part of a vision for a Global Britain.

Women's leadership was transformative in the aftermath of the Indonesia tsunami

28th September marks one year since a series of powerful earthquakes struck the Central Sulawesi province of Indonesia, triggering a tsunami resulting in significant damage and loss of life. Our new research shows how women's leadership made an incredible difference in the aftermath. 

Unconditional and conditional cash transfer programs

Learn about cash transfers: direct payments of money to people so they can decide and buy what they need the most. Learn how ActionAid uses conditional and unconditional cash transfer programmes.