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Womens rights

This International Women's Day, we're celebrating the women of tomorrow

Why International Women's Day matters

Posted in Blogs 1 month 2 weeks ago

Why does International Women's Day matter? Do we still need to celebrate it - and what about International Men's Day? We explore the history and future of this important day in the women's rights calendar. 

Netflix's 'Period. End of Sentence.' tells the story of a group of women overcoming period poverty and shame

Netflix's new documentary 'Period. End of Sentence.' is up for an Oscar; here's why it is essential viewing that proves the transformative power of ending period shame. 

A girls' club in Nyarongi, Kenya, meets to discuss issues like sexual harassment

New research by ActionAid highlights the impact of sexual harassment and misogyny on women and girls around the world, with some girls as young as 14 worrying daily about being harassed.  

Rani works in the Gauravi Crisis Centre in Bhopal, India, giving support to survivors of violence

Trigger warning: description of domestic violence which some may find distressing.ActionAid Senior Technical Advisor for Violence Against Women and Girls, Danielle Cornish-Spencer, writes about her own experience of domestic violence, and three of the reasons why survivors of violence don't 'just leave'. 

One Girl's Journey is inspired by the experiences of women and girls we work with in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

One Girl’s Journey, our new short film, is inspired by the experiences of women and girls we work with in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Deborah “Smallie” Lomotey, ActionAid Ghana’s Communications Officer, during the filming of One Girl's Journey.

Behind the scenes of One Girl’s Journey

Posted in Blogs 5 months 4 weeks ago

We go behind the scenes with Deborah “Smallie” Lomotey, to discuss the making of One Girl’s Journey and what our short film means to her and the community that got involved.