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Womens rights

Marie, a campaigner from Liberia, leads a women's group that focuses on strengthening their capacity to challenge and reject all forms of gender-based violence

Explore these five simple ways you can practise active feminist allyship to support the struggle for women's rights around the world.

ActionAid activists at a climate march in London

Climate change is a feminist issue

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From the climate strikes to the UN climate talks at COP25 in Madrid, we look back on 2019 - the year the world woke up to climate change. We argue that climate change is an intersectional, feminist issue.

What will be the impact of the election on women and girls' rights around the world?

The Conservatives have some good policies in their manifesto, but these would be seriously undermined by merging DFID with another government department.

Adori, 13, has to cross flood water to attend school in her village in Bangladesh.

Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of floods, and other natural weather-related events that we are witnessing around the world.Find out how countries can experience both droughts and floods, and how they affect people's resilience and capacity to adapt to disasters.

ActionAid believes periods are a right and not a privilege. We celebrate periods by setting up girls' forums such as this one in Liberia where girls can freely discuss their sexual and reproductive rights.

In some countries around the world, families and whole communities celebrate a girl reaching puberty as a coming-of-age occasion.  Find out how periods are acknowledged and celebrated from the UK to Japan. 

Climate change and gender

Climate change and gender

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Find out the relationship between climate change and gender, and how women and girls are affected most acutely by climate change.