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ActionAid is encouraging women and girls around the world to stand together, speak out and say #MyBodyIsMine. Together we can shine a spotlight on violence against women and girls.

One in three women worldwide will experience physical violence or sexual abuse in their lifetime, most likely by someone they know. Beneath so much of this violence is a common idea: that women and girls’ bodies are the property of men, for them to exploit and control.

But this needs to change.

Now, will you stand with us and share the video to help expose violence against women and girls?

Our strength is in numbers and every voice matters. Show your support now:

We launched the My Body Is Mine campaign on International Women’s Day 2018, encouraging everyone to post and share #MyBodyIsMine images on social media. Celebrities including Dame Emma Thompson and Paloma Faith have supported our campaign, showing their support for women and girls worldwide.

All women and girls have the right to control their own bodies. By supporting #MyBodyIsMine we can stand with survivors and expose violence against women and girls. 



Please share the #MyBodyIsMine video to show your support:


Across the world, ActionAid supports women to say #MyBodyIsMine by reducing violence within communities and ensuring women’s voices are heard. Our local, frontline staff make sure survivors receive the support they need and are able to access justice. 


Page updated 15 May 2019