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Desert locusts can be solitary, but when crowded together with other locusts, can change colour, move faster, and work together as a swarm.

The destructive desert locust is causing widespread havoc and devastation in East Africa right now by feeding on vital food crops and pastures that local families need to live.Find out what a desert locust is, why it’s potentially dangerous and how ActionAid are working on the ground to fight this menace.

Southern Africa food crisis: food distributions taking place in Zimbabwe

Southern Africa food crisis 2020: key facts

Posted in Blog 1 month 6 days ago

Southern Africa food crisis 2020: find out what's happening, where it's happening, and see the solutions to the escalating food insecurity crisis in Southern Africa. 

Climate change and poverty

Climate change and poverty

Posted 5 months 2 weeks ago

Find out the relationship between climate change and poverty, and how the poorest people are being hit hardest by climate change.

Children who survived the mudslide wait at a shelter in Freetown.

Sierra Leone mudslide: our response in photos

Posted in Blog 2 years 6 months ago

It is now just over a week since a devastating mudslide swept through some of the poorest communities in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Over 500 people have been confirmed to have died, while over 3,000 people remain missing. Those who have survived have lost everything, and are in a deep state of trauma. Our local staff in Freetown were able to respond within hours of the mudslide, helping in the immediate relief efforts. By last Friday, they had reached 260 families with emergency supplies of food, water and shelter. These images from the team show the impact of the mudslide, and what they are doing to help the most vulnerable.  

Two-year-old Ntemu and his mother collect food at a food distribution point run by ActionAid Kenya.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of everyone have donated to the East Africa Crisis Appeal, ActionAid has supported over 128,600 people so far across Kenya, Somaliland and Ethiopia. In Kenya, ActionAid has supported over 98,000 people. Our local staff are there on the ground now distributing food, including rice, oil and beans, constructing water tanks and rehabilitating boreholes so that communities can get access to water. Find out how your donations are making a huge difference in Kenya right now.

Cecilia and Angelie carry jerry cans back from a watering hole to their village.

Fighting the impacts of drought in Kenya

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More than 3 million people in Kenya are impacted by the drought across East Africa, with the worst affected living in the arid and semi-arid lands across the country. The rains have been depressed over the past year and pastoralists are very badly impacted, their livelihoods destroyed and their families suffering. FIfteeen of the 23 arid and semi-arid counties are now in the emergency category. The priority now is to save lives and livelihoods.