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  • Girls like 14-year-old Geeta in Nepal face being banished from home every month when they have their period - an extreme form of period shaming. Photo: Poulomi Basu/ActionAid

    Why stigma makes periods even more painful

    Posted in Blog on 14 June 2018

    Period stigma and shame can be found everywhere but an extreme form of period shaming called Chhaupadi is stilkl practiced in parts of Nepal.

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  • Malati, a women’s rights coordinator for ActionAid Nepal, addresses local women in Panga after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. Photo: Srikanth Kolari/ActionAid

    Earthquakes in Nepal 2015

    Posted 11 April 2017

    Find out about the 2015 Nepal earthquake, its magnitude, damage, death toll, and how ActionAid helped to save lives.

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  • Thanks to ActionAid's women-friendly spaces, women are taking a leading role in planning how to rebuild their communities. Photo: ,Jo Harrison/ActionAid

    Why cash transfers are an effective form of aid

    Posted in Blog on 5 January 2017

    Over the last week the criticism of international aid found a new target - the practice of giving money directly to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people, otherwise known as direct cash transfers. The allegation made was that this amounted to setting up UK-funded cashpoints for the poor. Aid money should never be misspent or wasted, but the criticisms of direct cash transfers - giving money directly to people in need - misunderstand the issue. Here's why.

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  • Malati Maskey, a women’s rights coordinator for ActionAid Nepal, with local women from Panga, in Kathmandu district. Photo: Srikanth Kolari/ActionAid


    Posted 8 December 2015

    Find out about Nepal: facts, statistics, ActionAid's charity work in Nepal and how you can donate to support people living in poverty.

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