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Sexual violence

I refuse to be intimidated because #MyBodyIsMine

My body belongs to me

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My name is Christie and I am one of the four women featured in ActionAid’s My Body Is Mine campaign. The campaign helps women and girls reclaim their bodies, speak out against any form of violence and proudly say My Body Is Mine without fear of retribution.I am a 21-year-old activist from Nigeria and would like to share my #MyBodyIsMine story with you.

A girls' club in Nyarongi, Kenya, meets to discuss issues like sexual harassment

New research by ActionAid highlights the impact of sexual harassment and misogyny on women and girls around the world, with some girls as young as 14 worrying daily about being harassed.  

How we can end sexual violence in conflict?

How we can end sexual violence in conflict?

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It’s degrading, humiliating and destroys a woman’s sexual identity. These are just some of the words that were used to describe sexual violence in conflict - war rape. They came from ActionAid frontline aid workers and actors and ActionAid ambassadors, Sarah Alexander and Helen Worth.

Esperance Nyirahabiyambere (middle left, laughing) and Jaqueline Nyiraneza (middle, right) eat corn together at the Gitesi Early Childhood Centre in Gitesi, Rwanda, on Monday, March 3, 2014.

Today ActionAid's Rwandan Country Director Josephine Uwamariya joins staff at ActionAid UK in London to talk about the 20-year anniversary of the genocide.