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Mothers celebrating their new born daughters at an ActionAid Beti Utsav celebration in New Delhi.

Singer Lucy Rose's new music video 'Nebraska' stars Danny Dyer as a conflicted man coming to terms with how to present himself to the world as who he really is. Around the world pressure from society holds people back - from what we wear to how we are valued by others.During a recent trip to India with ActionAid, 26-year-old Lucy discovered the catastrophic consequences of girls not being valued as highly as boys. Read her moving account of visiting a celebration of new born girls to find out why this festival is so important for the identity of girls in India.

Jennifer is a lawyer and project officer at an ActionAid shelter in Gulu, Uganda. Photo: Karin Schermbrucker/ActionAid

Shivani is the coordinator of an ActionAid-supported One-Stop Crisis Centre based in Bhopal, India. She writes about our Christmas appeal, Home Shouldn’t Hurt, what it means to her and why it’s so important to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

Wuya, 9, collects water from a local stream in Sierra Leone.

How much water do you need to survive? How many people don't have access to water? And what does that mean, anyway? These aren't questions we usually ask ourselves, even if magazines or tube announcements constantly remind us to 'stay hydrated'. But it's World Water Week, and everyone is talking about water. Here are four top facts you need to know about water, and how ActionAid is helping communities gain access to it. 

Women buy fish on the beach in Vadamula, Andrha Pradesh, India.

In India a third of the population live below the poverty line. Early child marriage, violence, discrimination and lack of skills means many women have few choices, with 75% never having the opportunity to earn a living. By providing fishing equipment and training to local women’s groups, we’re helping women lift themselves out of poverty. Photographer Poulomi Basu has just returned from Andhra Pradesh, southeast India, to capture some of their stories.

An ActionAid women's group in West Bengal, with over 200 members, who come together to learn about their rights

Our top 5 most inspirational women

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We hear shocking stories almost every day about horrific things that happen to women and girls across the world - from female genital mutilation to violent rape, such as the tragic case of Jyoti Singh in India. But in every country we work in there are incredibly brave women fighting to end violence against women and stand up for gender equality. This International Women's Day, we want to celebrate them.

Adivasi women farmers, Nilgiri hills, India.

5 things you didn’t know about Fairtrade

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Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 23rd February - 8th March. Fairtrade is all about better prices, improved working conditions and fairer trade laws for farmers and workers. Here’s five things you (probably) didn't know about Fairtrade.