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Millions of lives are at stake as Covid-19 hits refugee camps like Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, and war-torn countries including Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia. 

As lockdown measures slowly lift here in the UK, elsewhere refugees and families who have fled violence and hunger need our help. 

Many are now living in crowded refugee and displacement camps with little access to medical care, clean water or enough food, making them extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. 

This includes almost a million Rohingya refugees living in the world’s biggest refugee camp in Bangladesh.

In these places, the virus is likely to be even more deadly than it has been here.

What you can do

We urgently need your help to:

  • provide families with clean water, soap and information on keeping themselves safe;
  • provide frontline medical and aid workers with equipment and supplies to care for the vulnerable and sick;
  • ensure families get enough food to prevent malnutrition, particularly children.

If we act now to protect millions of vulnerable refugees and displaced people, many lives can be saved. Please donate now. 


What DEC member charities are doing

The DEC’s 14 member charities have been responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises for decades, many of which involve refugees and displaced people, and have extensive experience dealing with disease outbreaks like cholera and Ebola.  

Today, we are working round-the-clock to respond to the coronavirus crisis: protecting the vulnerable, supporting frontline medical and aid workers, and providing essential aid.

Coronavirus in vulnerable communities

We know from our experience in the UK that simple measures can make a huge difference in preventing Covid-19.

But in crowded camps for refugees and displaced people, these measures are much more difficult:  

  • Many temporary settlements do not have the hospital beds or supplies to treat those who fall ill
  • They are among the most densely populated places on the planet - the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are one and a half times more densely populated than New York City.
  • Basic handwashing facilities are often either unavailable or shared between many people. In displacement camps in Somalia, it is common for people to wash their hands with ashes due to a lack of soap.

ActionAid's response so far

ActionAid is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in over 40 countries, and we plan to reach more than 15 million people by the end of 2020

  • In Afghanistan, we've reached over 170,000 people with emergency food aid, hygiene kits and projects promoting women and girls' empowerment
  • In the Rohingya refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, we're reaching over 3,600 people per week with hygiene demonstrations and community awareness projects, so people can protect themselves.
  • In the DRC we've reached five million people with our radio programmes in local languages, raising awareness about Covid-19 as well as sexual and gender-based violence.
  • And in Somaliland, a region of Somalia, we’ve trained young people to raise awareness about the virus door-to-door, reaching 30,000 people. We’re also establishing hand-washing stations, distributing soap and water, and providing shelter kits for people in urgent need.

Together, we're making a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people, but there's so much more to do. If we act now, many more lives can be saved.



About ActionAid

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

Our dedicated local staff are changing the world with women and girls. We are ending violence and fighting poverty so that all women, everywhere, can create the future they want.

We operate in rural and urban communities across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We’re committed to ending the cycle of violence in communities around the world, enabling women’s economic empowerment, and supporting women’s and girls’ rights during humanitarian crises.

Where your money goes

90% of your donation will go to support our emergency appeal for the DEC Coronavirus Appeal.

10% of your donation will be retained for ActionAid’s Emergency Action Fund which will only be used for ensuring we are prepared and able to respond quickly and more effectively to future emergencies and crises. If the total amount raised for this appeal exceeds the funds needed for the response, ActionAid will transfer the remaining balance to the Emergency Action Fund. All Gift Aid claimed on donations will fund ActionAid’s work across the world, wherever the need is greatest.



Page updated 18 July 2020