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Desert locusts can be solitary, but when crowded together with other locusts, can change colour, move faster, and work together as a swarm.

The destructive desert locust is causing widespread havoc and devastation in East Africa right now by feeding on vital food crops and pastures that local families need to live.Find out what a desert locust is, why it’s potentially dangerous and how ActionAid are working on the ground to fight this menace.

A girls' club in Nyarongi, Kenya, meets to discuss issues like sexual harassment

New research by ActionAid highlights the impact of sexual harassment and misogyny on women and girls around the world, with some girls as young as 14 worrying daily about being harassed.  

Meet ActionAid's humanitarian heroes!

Meet ActionAid's humanitarian heroes

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When disaster strikes, ActionAid does things differently. We work directly with local women and girls to provide support and save lives. Meet just some of the incredible women ActionAid works with in humanitarian emergencies around the world, and find out how they get supplies and information quickly and fairly to those who need it most.

A future doctor and a future chef dress up for Big Me!

Big Me week - running from 8-12 October - is ActionAid's easy fundraising day for primary schools. Children dream big, dress up as what they want to be when they grow up and raise money to change lives.I'm a teacher at Mora Primary School in London and we took part in Big Me early to test it out. We had a fun-filled day learning about each other's dreams and children's lives around the world. Here's three great reasons to take part in Big Me.

Sally Dynevor and her daughter visit Reena, one of the girls they sponsor through ActionAid in India.

The world I want to pass on to my kids

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As part of our #NotThisGirl appeal, star of Coronation Street Sally Dynevor writes about the injustices girls worldwide face and what she hopes will be achieved for the next generation.

Lavender lives in Nyarongi, Kenya, where many girls are affected by period poverty.

Find out how period poverty is affecting women and girls around the world - including the shocking links between periods and violence that might surprise you.