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Ending violence against women and girls

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1 in 3
women worldwide will experience violence in their lifetime, most likely at the hands of someone they know1

5 women
are killed every hour by their partner or family member2

15 million
girls are married before the age of 18, every year3

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Why we need to end violence against women and girls

How is ActionAid ending violence against women and girls?

ActionAid works with communities to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls and create long-term chnage for good. We fund women’s groups and networks across the world, who train parents, teachers, local police and legal advisers to recognise the signs of violence and to report it. Our Girls’ Clubs are run by local women and teach girls about their rights and help them build confidence. We support women and girls to earn sustainable livelihoods, so they can afford life’s necessities without being exploited. Because when women and girls know and claim their rights, their courage and resilience is astonishing. We have successfully campaigned to change laws around FGM, women’s reproductive rights, child marriage and domestic violence.

Our dedicated local staff are ending violence against women and girls and helping change lives, for good. We won’t stop until women and girls are out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want.


Women’s rights organisations lead the way 

Local women’s groups are the strongest advocates against all forms of violence. They are part of a growing, worldwide movement to stop women and girls being abused by men. These courageous women are standing up and helping other women, often at risk to themselves.

ActionAid supports local women’s groups and networks to recognise the signs of violence and report it, help girls get back to school and raise awareness across the community. With ActionAid’s support, local women and teachers are setting up and expanding Girls’ Clubs across the world, which provide safe spaces for girls to share their experiences, learn about their rights and build confidence to report abuse.

Our local staff on the ground help change attitudes by working alongside men and boys and traditional and religious leaders, and by working with women and girls themselves to change their acceptance of violence, discrimination and abuse.

Learn more about women’s rights organisations challenging violence


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