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Where your sponsorship money goes

Meet Pak, a Woman Champion, and a village chief in Cambodia. She earns a living as a farmer and works in the salt fields, but recent erratic and heavy rains have made salt production difficult.  

As a Women’s Champion, Pak has been trained on climate change resilience and now trains other families in the area on how they can be more prepared for extreme weather in advance. For example, Pak is now able to tell households how to prepare for periods of droughts by using water tanks to save water.  

Here are some of the ways your fundraising could make a difference to women and girls like Pak:

£23 could plant 100 mangrove trees in a coastal area, protecting communities from future flash floods and soil erosion as well as supporting fishing livelihoods.

£55 could help protect 5 people in a village by paying towards the cost of building a flood defence system.

£100 could cover the cost of an Alternative Livelihoods training programme, allowing one person to receive training in the 'green skills' needed to earn a living through sustainable farming, fishing, and chicken rearing practices. 

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Page updated 25 March 2021