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ActionAid supporters stand up for women's rights at January's Women's March on London.

With the snap general election only weeks away, this is a chance for all political parties to lay out their vision for our country, and the role Britain can play in the world. Our shared values of equality, compassion and fair play demand that we aim for a world without poverty and injustice. And with global progress on women’s rights in real danger of being rolled back, it is vital the UK keeps championing the rights of women and girls internationally.

12-year-old Sopheak (left), hugs her best friend Yain, in Cambodia.

Equality. Solidarity. Tolerance. I think that most of us, if asked, would say that we want to live in a society characterised by these values. But these words only become values if we’re prepared to live them, promote them and defend them, especially at times like these.

Alba, 8 (right) and Marleni, 8 (left), are sponsored children in Guatemala.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand up

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However you voted last Thursday, events since the UK referendum results were announced have been tumultuous and shocking to say the least. Political resignations and in-fighting, the worrying rise of post-referendum racism, turmoil in the markets, and a country that seems to be pitted against itself, fractured along lines of geography, age and beliefs.

School children from Miyuyu Primary School in Tanzania play after lessons

The generosity and commitment of Britain is transforming the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. On Monday 13th June 2016 there will be a Parliamentary debate about the UK’s aid budget and whether the legislation that enshrines it in law should be scrapped. Here are a few reasons why I believe Britain’s proud legacy of helping people around the world should be built upon, not diminished. 

ActionAid campaign for women's rights during Donald Trump's UK visit

Boris Johnson starts his tenure as Prime Minister at a time of unprecedented global challenges. He inherits the need to ensure Britain is a force for good in the world, including making an unequivocal commitment to women’s rights. 

Rohingya refugees at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

As Brexit looms and the UK forges a new path outside the EU, foreign aid should remain part of the Global Britain aspiration. Tackling gender inequality that locks women in poverty is key to bringing about long-term sustainable change.